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Muscle Addiction packs a solid selection of stims in its upcoming Pump Addict

muscle addition pump addict

Muscle Addiction has shared the full formula behind its first mainstream type supplement Pump Addict, which was previewed just one week ago. Based on that first look, we suspected the product would feature a strong combination of stimulants, and now that we’ve seen its formula, we can confirm it is indeed a stim heavy pre-workout.

While Muscle Addiction has included ingredients for more than just stimulant effects in Pump Addict, the majority of its features are for increased energy and focus. A few of the pre-workout’s stim highlights are 300mg each of caffeine and eria jarensis, 3mg of rauwolscine, and the Compound Solutions pair of Dynamine and TeaCrine.

muscle addition pump addict

As mentioned, Muscle Addiction has also thrown ingredients into its Pump Addict pre-workout that aren’t for increasing energy and focus. Alongside the supplement’s selection of stimulants are a few features for pumps, including 6g of pure citrulline and a gram of agmatine, as well as 50mg of AstraGin to help with the absorption of everything.

Muscle Addiction plans to unleash its stimulant heavy and first-ever pre-workout within the next week or so. It is expected to be available for purchase first through the brand’s website, where it’ll have two flavors to choose from in Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Candy Explosion, with no confirmation just yet on its price point.