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Myoblox takes on the multivitamin category with a premium competitor

myoblox multi

Multi is the first-ever vitamin and mineral supplement from the team over at Myoblox that takes a more premium approach to the typically straightforward category. It’s similar in that way to Inspired’s vitamin and mineral product launched last year, although that one also had a few extra surprises with the added Sensoril, PeakO2, and Spectra.

Myoblox Multi is a fairly comprehensive multivitamin made up of 26 quality vitamins and minerals for general health, vitality, immune support, and absorption. Several of its ingredients are of higher quality than their regular versions such as Vitashine vitamin D3, more bioavailable TRAACS minerals, MenaQ7 vitamin K2, and Quatrefolic.

myoblox multi

You can see the entire formula Myoblox has brought together in Multi in the image above, with the 28 different and transparently dosed ingredients, all wrapped up in a four-capsule serving.

Myoblox has yet to launch Multi, although you can now pre-order the health supplement from the brand’s online store at for shipping in the middle of next month. Much like other premium multivitamins, Myoblox’s newest product does come with a premium price at $37.99 or $22.99 if you use the pre-order coupon “VITA15”.