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Myoblox reveals the formulas behind its upcoming limited XO Series products

myoblox xo series formulas

Myoblox recently confirmed that its long-running, limited edition XO Series would be making a return in 2020 with two of its most popular supplements. Next month the brand will be launching XO Series versions of its reputable focus formula Skywalk as well as its stimulant-free pump pre-workout Blo.

The full combination of ingredients behind the upcoming XO products have now been revealed, and like Myoblox’s other limited editions, they feature different formulas from the regular versions.

myoblox xo series blo

Starting with the XO Series Blo, it actually comes with quite a completely different set of ingredients, although they’re still all geared towards enhancing pumps. The supplement includes heavy dosages of pure citrulline and betaine at 8g and 6g, respectively, as well as ornithine, pine bark, and the S7 blend.

myoblox xo series blo

As for Myoblox’s XO Series Skywalk, unlike Blo, that one is a lot closer in formula to the original. It features all of the same ingredients as the regular Skywalk, with four others added for extra effectiveness. On top of the usual Skywalk formula, there is theobromine, 800mg of sceletium tortuosum, and half a gram of cat’s claw.

Myoblox is due to launch its limited-edition XO Series Skywalk and Blo early next month, with only 500 units of each individually numbered product going to be available.