Olimp starts the New Year with a low-sugar biscuit-style protein treat

olimp protein snack

The Polish company Olimp has started the New Year with an all-new type of snack simply named the Olimp Protein Snack. The product doesn’t give away a whole lot of detail in its name, with the release being a protein-packed biscuit-style treat similar to Grenade’s delicious Carb Killa Biscuit and 4+ Nutrition’s Protein Tortino.

The Olimp Protein Snack is a tasty, crunchy, low-sugar biscuit featuring a solid layer of flavor around the outside. Altogether the product provides 19g of protein from a blend of collagen and whey concentrate, a low 13g of carbohydrates with just a gram of that sugar, a reasonably high amount of fat at 23g, and 325 calories.

The newest functional food from Olimp has arrived in two flavors with the chocolate overload Double Chocolate and a slightly less chocolatey taste in Hazelnut Cream. The Olimp Protein Snack should be in stores and on shelves soon, although you can already grab it from the brand’s European website at €2.86 (3.18 USD) each.