Two of RXBar’s protein bar flavors get miniature half-size versions

rxbar minis

The no B.S. brand RXBar has come out with a miniature version of its original high protein bar that is exactly half the size, weighing in at 26g. The nutrition profile on the smaller snack is also about half with 6g of protein, 4 to 5g of fat, 11 to 12g of carbohydrates with 8 to 9g of that sugar, and 100 to 110 calories.

The half-size RXBar, appropriately named RXBar Minis, is made with all of the same ingredients as the original, and it still lists them all right on the front of the wrapper. That list of ingredients includes one and half egg whites to give it that high protein, a single date, three almonds, and two cashews.

The RXBar Minis have hit the market in just a fraction of the flavors you have to choose from for the regular size snack, with two, in Coconut Chocolate and Blueberry. You can get them today through the brand’s website, although the flavors only available together in a box with 20 of each for $54.99.

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