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Caffeine 501 from SNS is back but this time it comes in capsule form

sns caffeine 501

Longtime fans of Serious Nutrition Solutions or SNS for short, may remember a supplement from the brand called Caffeine 501. It was a giant tub of 501 tablets, each packing 200mg of the classic stimulant, caffeine. To welcome in the New Year and gives fans a bit of nostalgia, SNS has brought back Caffeine 501, but this time in capsule form.

The returning supplement still packs the same dose of caffeine per pill with 200mg and a huge 501 capsules per tub. The product is indeed a massive amount of caffeine that could last you almost a year and a half if you use just one capsule a day, or a little more than 35 weeks if you take two for a total of 400mg per day.

SNS Caffeine 501 is now in stock on the brand’s website as well as through its retail partner DPS Nutrition. Both of those places are running sales at the moment, although DPS is the better way to go. The store has Caffeine 501 at $21.97 per bottle, which can be discounted by 25% down to $16.48 each when using the code “DPS10”.

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