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TF7 Labs relaunches as the energy focused brand SkullCandyEnergy


TF7 Labs is relaunching itself in 2020 with a similar look and feel but under a completely different name and with an all-new direction. TF7 Labs, known for its skull packaged supplements, is now SkullCandyEnergy. The new brand is going to hit the market with just the one product to start in a stimulant pre-workout.

SkullCandyEnergy upcoming supplement comes with ingredients for a complete workout boost, including benefits such as energy, focus, pumps, and all-around performance and endurance.


For energy and cognition, SkullCandyEnergy’s pre-workout comes with 300mg of caffeine, 100mg of guarana, and the Compound Solutions duo of Dynamine and TeaCrine at 250mg and 150mg, respectively. There is also a huge 2.5g dose of tyrosine, 250mg of phosphatidylserine, 200mg of theanine, 600mg of AlphaSize alpha-GPC, and huperzine A.

As for the pumps, performance, and endurance side of SkullCandyEnergy’s first product, it will have 2g of taurine, electrolytes, a gram of pomegranate, and 400mg of pine bark. There are two branded features in there as well with the PeakO2 performance blend at its usual 2g, and 600mg of Vaso6.


SkullCandyEnergy’s pre-workout is due to hit the market soon, in its local UK market, where it’ll have a regular retail price of £35.99 (46.78 USD). Each tub will come with 20 full servings, so you won’t be asked to double scoop, and it’s releasing in two tastes with Mango Crush and Bubble Berry.

As mentioned, SkullCandyEnergy has a slightly different direction compared to TF7 Labs, with all of its focus being on energy-boosting products. Basically, you won’t be seeing any of those non-energy type supplements as we did with TF7 like an amino, intra-workout, protein powder, and multivitamin formula.