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The Nutrition Store promises quite the ride with its first-ever supplement

the nutrition store enjoy the ride

The brick and mortar retailer, The Nutrition Store, is getting into the supplement market this Saturday, with its very own product. The store from South Carolina will be taking on the increasingly competitive pre-workout category with a supplement named ‘Enjoy The Ride’, which is backed by a very comprehensive formula.

The Nutrition Store has formulated Enjoy The Ride for all of the usual pre-workout benefits from enhanced pumps and performance through to your more stimulating effects with increased energy and mental focus. The retailer has packed the product with several ingredients to support each of those areas.

We’ve included the full facts panel for The Nutrition Store’s Enjoy The Ride directly below, and like most newcomers to the market, it is fully transparent. For the pump and performance side of the pre-workout, you get highlights such as 6g of citrulline malate, a gram of sea salt, a gram of GlycerPump glycerol, and 3.2g of beta-alanine.

the nutrition store enjoy the ride

The rest of Enjoy The Ride’s formula is where The Nutrition Store intends to deliver all of its energy and focus, and it does indeed look like quite the ride. There is 350mg of caffeine from two sources, 300mg of eria jarensis, 750mg of the nootropic lion’s mane, and 150mg each of Compound Solutions’ pair of Dynamine and TeaCrine.

As mentioned, The Nutrition Store is set to release Enjoy The Ride this Saturday in the one Margarita flavor with 25 servings per tub. The well-rounded pre-workout will be available first at the retailer’s store in Spartanburg, South Carolina, with a website also due to go online for those that don’t live nearby.