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Skinny Food Co releases an edible cookie dough with a low calorie twist

the skinny food co edible cookie dough

The functional brand The Skinny Food Co, has added a new product to its Bakery Collection this week that sounds like quite a tasty baked treat. The latest effort from the UK company is Edible Cookie Dough Mix, but of course, with a healthy twist, being low in sugar and calories, and moderately high in protein.

A single 22g serving of The Skinny Food Co’s newest release comes with 3.5g of protein, 12.2g of carbohydrates, just 200mg of sugar, less than a gram of fat, for a total of 72 calories. Two of the main ingredients the brand has used to make the product are oats, and whey concentrate for that moderately high protein.

While The Skinny Food Co’s Edible Cookie Dough Mix does look good, it is actually identical in nutrition profile and ingredients to its already available Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. The only difference is that the brand directs you to bake the cookie mix, while the edible cookie dough you mix and leave to set.

You can now purchase the brand’s Edible Cookie Dough Mix from its UK website for the same price as its Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix at £4.99 (6.49 USD) for a 200g bag.