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USN unveils its Amino Burn Energy drink featuring caffeine and carnitine

usn amino burn energy

In its home country of South Africa, USN has introduced a new beverage this week in Amino Burn Energy. The product is a weight-loss supporting energy drink, that brings together caffeine for energy and carnitine for the fat loss side of things. Like several other recently released energy drinks, Amino Burn Energy is also sugar-free.

The exact dosages of the main ingredients in USN’s all-new Amino Burn Energy beverage include a reasonable 200mg of caffeine, which is 100mg less than the brand’s Spike X300 energy drink. As for the carnitine, USN has thrown that in at a gram per can, with only one flavor option confirmed so far for the product in Blue Lagoon.

For now, USN has only announced the Amino Burn Energy drink for the South African market, although by the sounds of things, fans in the region can expect to see it in stores and on shelves soon.