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Vega’s new Costco exclusive combines plant protein and gut health

vega gut health protein smoothie

An all-new protein powder has been introduced by the plant-based brand Vega; however, you can currently only find the supplement at Costco. The product is the Gut Health Protein Smoothie, which is similar to the brand’s Protein Smoothie in that it provides a good amount of protein from plant-based sources.

What gives Vega’s new Gut Health Protein Smoothie its point of difference is the feature called out directly in its name with ‘Gut Health’. Alongside the supplement’s high amount of protein is two billion CFUs of probiotics as well as 5g of prebiotic fiber to support gut health, making for a sort of two-in-one type product.

The macros on Vega’s gut health-supporting supplement start with 15g of pea powered protein per serving, much like the brand’s original Protein Smoothie. The rest of Gut Health Protein Smoothie’s nutrition profile consists of 8g of carbohydrates with a gram of that sugar and 5g fiber, 2g of fat, and a calorie count of 110.

As mentioned earlier, Vega’s new Gut Health Protein Smoothie is now available exclusively from Costco at locations across the country and online through its website. A full 30 serving tub of the product will cost you $36.99 with just the one flavor to choose from at the moment in Orange Ginger.