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Viking Waffles gets ready to launch a sugar-free cinnamon waffle syrup

vikings smor syrup

The functional food brand Viking Waffles has confirmed that very soon, fans are going to have a healthier syrup to spread on their high protein waffles. One of the brand’s regular 95g waffles provides 21g each of protein and carbs, 5g of fat, and 160 calories, with the syrup adding just 35 calories from a single tablespoon serving.

The upcoming product is named Viking’s Smør Syrup and is made with ghee, isomaltooligosaccharide from cassava root, and cinnamon, giving it, of course, a cinnamon flavor. On the nutrition side, as mentioned, a single 14g serving of Smør Syrup has 35 calories coming from 10g of carbohydrates and 1.5g of fat.

Viking’s Smør Syrup is sugar-free, non-GMO, as well as corn-free, and looks like it’s going to cost $19 for a 333g bottle, which gives you about 24, 14g servings. The product will be available for purchase through the Viking Waffles website soon and is going to be a great addon for the brand’s flagship food.