Joint Defender now comes in capsules with more servings and some lighter doses

Feb 13th, 2020
5 percent nutrition joint defender capsules

If you’re a fan of 5% Nutrition and use its loaded joint support supplement Joint Defender, and for whatever reason don’t like the taste, the brand now has a solution. 5% Nutrition has released a capsule version of Joint Defender, which has a few formula changes compared to the original, including lower dosages of some ingredients.

You can get a complete look at the formula behind the capsule Joint Defender below, featuring almost all of the same ingredients as the flavored version, but again, some with lighter dosages. The new product includes highlights such as a gram each of MSM and type II collagen, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin.

5 percent nutrition joint defender capsules

As mentioned, 5% Nutrition’s Joint Defender capsules have almost all of the same ingredients as the original; in fact, it’s only missing one in masson pine extract. The brand hasn’t however, simply dropped the feature, it’s replaced it with another ingredient in turmeric dosed at 25mg in each of the supplement’s huge eight capsule servings.

While the formula is slightly lighter overall compared to the flavored Joint Defender, the new capsule spin-off still aims to provide comprehensive joint support. 5% Nutrition is now stocking the capsule product on its website with a slightly lower price than the original at $34.99, and you get 25% more servings with 25 instead of 20.