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More cost-effective and huge 4kg bucket now available for Absolute’s isolate

absolute nutrition 4kg whey isolate

The saturated protein powder market is an area of the industry the Indian brand Absolute Nutrition has several competitors in. The supplement company covers fans from all angles with egg powered protein, fast-absorbing whey isolate, creatine infused Crea Whey, meal replacement Muscle Meal, and the blend style Blend Protein.

Absolute Nutrition has now introduced another option for one of its many protein powders in Whey Isolate, and it will likely please fans of that product. The latest from the brand is a huge 4kg bucket of Whey Isolate that is more cost-effective than any of its other sizes, and it comes with twice as much powder as the supplement’s previous largest.

Absolute Nutrition plans on adding its giant new value option for Whey Isolate, to its online store soon, where it’ll be available in the same two flavors as its tub options with Chocolate and Cafe Mocha.