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Applied’s latest limited edition ABE features an additional 100mg of Dynamine

applied nutrition strawberry mojito abe

Applied Nutrition is certainly familiar with limited edition products; in fact, last year, we saw it launch two for its more advanced pre-workout, All-Black-Everything, also known as ABE. This week the UK-based brand has announced yet another limited edition ABE, although this one offers more than just a new and exciting flavor experience.

The flavor of Applied Nutrition’s next limited-time ABE, following last year’s Gin and Tonic and Sour Gummy Bear, is another cocktail creation in Strawberry Mojito. As for what makes this one that extra bit special, on top of the usual ingredients and dosages you get with ABE, the brand as thrown in an additional 100mg of the stimulant Dynamine.

Applied Nutrition’s Strawberry Mojito and Dynamine infused ABE is due to be available on shelves in the UK soon, wherever you typically grab your supply of Applied supplements.