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Azoth brings Zynamite to the US with its all-new and stackable Total Focus

azoth total focus

The team at Azoth has put together an all-new supplement that belongs to the same category as its first big release with the focus enhancing, Azoth Total Focus. The product relies on a very different set of ingredients compared to the brand’s Azoth Total Nootropic, although the two can be used together for the ultimate cognitive experience.

The key feature of Azoth Total Focus is Zynamite at 200mg per serving, which is a patent-pending proprietary mango leaf extract introduced back in May of 2018. Zynamite has been proven to deliver an impressive variety of benefits, including improved energy, alertness, and performance, all without any jittery side effect, making it ideal for the newest Azoth supplement.

Azoth actually claims Total Focus to be the first product in the US using Zynamite, as there a few international brands that have already put it to good use. As exciting and promising as Zynamite is, the brand has thrown in a couple of other ingredients to help get the job done with 200mg of rhodiola rosea and 50mg of PurCaf natural and organic caffeine.

azoth total focus

All of the ingredients packed into Azoth Total Focus have been brought together to provide a smooth combination of mental focus and long-lasting concentration, as well as memory support. The supplement is a more focus centric experience compared to Azoth Total Nootropic, which can be taken by itself or in combination with Total Nootropic for an extra focus boost.

Azoth Total Focus is not in stock just yet; however, it is available to reserve at just $1 for a 30 serving bottle over at The brand will be fulfilling those pre-orders within a few weeks from now in March, where you’ll pay the remaining amount of the full price of Total Focus, which is $44.95.