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C4 Dynasty Review: Strong effects but not as balanced as we would’ve liked

C4 Dynasty is the most loaded pre-workout to date from Cellucor that is only going to be around for a limited time. The supplement garnered quite a bit of attention being such a packed out product with a total of 23g worth of actives from 18 different ingredients. An impressive ten of those 18 features are also premium, branded ingredients.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been putting C4 Dynasty through several workouts and comparing it to a number of our favorite competitors in the pre-workout category. With the Cellucor supplement making so much noise, we wanted to find out first hand just how good the pre-workout truly is, and whether or not it’s worth that relatively high $70 price tag.

c4 dynasty review


Cellucor almost gives you nothing to complain about in C4 Dynasty. As you’d expect with a formula like this, the product comes through with all of the usual benefits, and at good amounts. Right out of the gate, after throwing back a full serving, you get a solid rush of energy that hits your body as more of an overflowing rush than a jittery hard-hitting kick.

Alongside C4 Dynasty’s very noticeable rush of energy is an equally strong mental focus effect. That physical surge is joined by a reliable mental clarity that helps you get in the zone and focus on the workout in front of you. The two benefits really amplify one another and provide a comprehensive mind and body type synergy that we felt at a consistent strength every workout.

As mentioned, C4 Dynasty comes with a lot of ingredients, several of which are included for more than just energy and focus. Those ingredients do shine through, following up the stimulating side of the pre-workout with some pretty intense pumps and a good amount of endurance that will see you lifting heavy and hard from start to finish.

c4 dynasty review

The pumps in C4 Dynasty stand out best in more isolated, higher rep, smaller body part workouts; essentially when you’re trying to get a good pump going. The supplement noticeably fills your muscles much quicker than normal and ultimately builds to a dense and rather intense type pump that’s difficult not to enjoy.

As for the performance and endurance side of C4 Dynasty, you really notice it when pushing beyond what you’re used to doing whether it be more weight, extra sets, or shorter rest. The pre-workout simply seems to make it much harder to reach exhaustion, and with everything else going on in the loaded and limited edition product, it all comes together for a solid experience.


Cellucor does indeed deliver in all of the areas you could want with C4 Dynasty, providing a nice balance of energy, focus, pumps, and performance. We would probably give the nod to the focus and performance being the strongest effects, followed by the pumps which weren’t as full and fast as we’ve had, then the energy, which could’ve been harder hitting.

c4 dynasty review

Based on the overall experience of C4 Dynasty, we will say it is the best pre-workout we’ve ever seen from Cellucor, so it is true to its formula. We do, however, feel it falls short of some of the best supplements in the category. The product always seems to have a lot going on, and you never really get a smooth balance of everything, usually one or two benefits standing out at one time.

As mentioned earlier in the review, Cellucor really gives you nothing to complain about in C4 Dynasty, as it comes through in all of the areas you could want. The effects just don’t roll together as well as we have seen in some of the top pre-workouts out there, but again, as far as C4 pre-workouts go, Dynasty is the leader, and it goes that step beyond the already comprehensive C4 Ultimate.

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