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Gold Standard puts its spin on a British classic with 1 of its 3 new Pots O Gold

caribbean jerk chicken pot o gold

The team at Gold Standard Nutrition in the UK has expanded its Pot O Gold lineup once again this week with three tasty and healthy new creations. The brand’s Pot O Gold product is essentially a meal that comes conveniently packaged in a compact box, with the food inside being high in protein, low in sugar, and ready in just over 5 minutes.

Gold Standard Nutrition’s Pot O Gold already comes in a huge variety of familiar recipes but with a healthy twist such as Chicken Curry, Pasta Bolognese, and Satay Chicken. Three new options have now joined the product’s menu with two more chicken creations in Chicken Korma and Caribbean Jerk Chicken, and a British classic-inspired, Pulled Beef Sunday Dinner.

Gold Standard Nutrition’s new variants keep with the usual Pot O Gold theme and are high in protein with 32 to 34g per pot, have 6g or less sugar, and between 364 to 417 calories. Chicken Korma, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, and Pulled Beef Sunday Dinner, are now in stock on the brand’s website at £3.50 each or as low as £2.74 (3.57 USD) when buying 27 or more.