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Almost seven-year-old Cannibal Inferno gets a fresh new formula for 2020

chaos and pain cannibal inferno

The long-running hardcore brand Chaos and Pain has revamped and relaunched its fat burner this week; the intense, high-stimulant supplement Cannibal Inferno. The newest version of the product that was first released all the way back in 2013, continues Inferno’s strong reputation of featuring a potent combination of stimulants.

You can pick up the latest edition of Cannibal Inferno starting this week through Chaos and Pain’s website and with a huge introductory sale. For a limited time, instead of paying $39.99 for the one 30 serving bottle of the revamped weight loss supplement, you can spend an extra $10 and get two, which works out to a much more cost-effective $25 each.

There is no coupon code required for Chaos and Pain’s celebratory offer on the all-new Cannibal Inferno, all you need to do is add two bottles of it to your cart on the brand’s website, and the discount will apply automatically.

chaos and pain cannibal inferno

As for the stimulant heavy formula behind the 2020 edition of Cannibal Inferno, you can get a complete look at it in the image above, and as always with Chaos and Pain, it is fully transparent. It comes with plenty of ingredients to cover you for energy and focus with the likes of evodiamine, yohimbine, and a solid amount of caffeine at 300mg.

The new Cannibal Inferno does feature several other ingredients on top of those mentioned above, including a few common weight loss compounds like green coffee bean and synephrine. The full combination aims to provide the usual Cannibal Inferno benefits such as increased energy, enhanced thermogenesis, and weight loss support.