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Chemical Warfare welcomes its TUDCA based organ support formula Bomb Proof

chemical warfare bomb proof

Mixed in with its rebrand, Chemical Warfare said there would be some tweaked products as well as a few entirely new supplements. Bomb Proof is one of the European brand’s entirely new items that has launched alongside its colorful rebrand and just a week out from this year’s Arnold Expo, where Chemical Warfare is making its US debut.

Bomb Proof is Chemical Warfare’s organ health product featuring four main ingredients for immune support, as well as liver and general health. The supplement’s formula is led by 750mg of TUDCA, followed by a gram of n-acetyl-l-cysteine, 10mg of zinc citrate, and finally 100mcg of selenium, with everything coming wrapped in a three-capsule serving.

Starting this week, you can grab Chemical Warfare’s all-new Bomb Proof through its UK website at £39.99 (51.61 USD) per bottle, which is reasonable for a TUDCA based supplement. Each bottle comes with a total of 90 capsules, which at three capsules per serving, is enough to supply you for that usual 30 days.

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