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Chemical Warfare rebrands ahead of its entry into the US market

chemical warfare coming to the us

Chemical Warfare is an up and coming supplement company out of Europe that is planning to have its best year to date with expansion into the US. The brand currently has quite the selection of products covering several major categories, including protein powder, pre-workout, weight loss, and even some more basic stuff such as creatine and glutamine.

Chemical Warfare is looking to launch its family of supplements stateside in about two months from now in the first week of March. Coinciding with that US release, the brand will be exhibiting at this year’s Arnold Expo in Columbus, Ohio. It is going to be showing off its entire line at the event, which will have some differences compared to the items it has in Europe.

To kick off the year and build some excitement for its debut in America, Chemical Warfare has also updated its products with a fresh new look. You can get a glimpse at the rebrand in the image above, where Chemical Warfare has completely dropped its metal and machine theme for a brighter, white branding that still incorporates supplement specific colors.

You can check out Chemical Warfare’s website for more information on its growing family of products, which does reflect a good amount of its recently rebranded supplements. More details on the brand’s US launch are also coming soon, as mentioned, there are going to be some differences compared to its European side, worth highlighting.

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