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Chemical Warfare gives its intra a more complete formula alongside its rebrand

chemical warfare intra surgance

We recently posted about the European brand Chemical Warfare who has rebranded itself for 2020 in preparation for its debut in the US at this year’s Arnold Expo. Along with that rebrand, Chemical Warfare mentioned it would be revamping its website as well as updating a few of its supplements, the first of which has now been introduced.

Chemical Warefare’s intra-workout amino Intra-Surgance, is the product that has had its formula tweaked with its rebrand, in fact, you could almost say it’s been completely overhauled. A solid dose of aminos still powers the supplement with a combined 7.5g of all nine EAAs, however, that are a lot of new features alongside that.

In addition to the reasonable amount of EAAs, Chemical Warfare’s all-new Intra-Surgance comes with 2g of glutamine, a rather light one gram of betaine, a gram of coconut water, and electrolytes for hydration. The brand has also thrown in the PeakO2 blend at its studied 2g dose to provide support for performance and endurance.

The revamped and rebranded Intra-Surgance is now available for pre-order through Chemical Warfare’s website, with shipping taking place just 24 hours from today. An entire 30 serving tub of the product will cost you ¬£29.99 (38.66 USD), and comes in two different flavor options with Fruit Fusion and Watermelon.