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Myoblox adds S7 and elevATP to its first-ever limited edition Contra

myoblox contra gain train

In a couple of weeks, Myoblox is launching its 2020 XO Series featuring limited versions of its nootropic Skywalk and pump enhancing pre-workout Blo. Also releasing later this month is the first-ever special edition spin-off of the brand’s muscle building supplement Contra named Contra Gain Train.

Like all of Myoblox’s limited products, the upcoming Contra Gain Train is going to feature a slightly different formula compared to the original. While the spin-off may not rely on the same mix of ingredients, it is still, first and foremost, a muscle-building supplement, made to support strength and muscle gains.

Contra Gain Train comes with a lot of the same ingredients as the regular Contra, including KSM-66 ashwagandha at 600mg per serving, DIM, and arimistane. The key differences with Gain Train are that it also features the S7 pump blend at 100mg and elevATP for performance, neither of which are in the original.

myoblox contra gain train

You can see the full facts panel behind Myoblox’s special edition Contra directly above, where fans may notice another significant change. Unlike the regular Contra, the Gain Train version comes with a completely open and fully transparent label, so you know how much each of its six ingredients you get per serving.

Once again, Myoblox plans on launching its limited Contra Gain Train somewhere around the middle of this month, alongside its XO Series Skywalk and Blo. You may also want to grab the special edition muscle builder as soon as it becomes available, as the brand is only producing 500 units of it.