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Core Intra loaded with EAAs, carbs, and debuting at this year’s Arnold Expo

core intra

Fresh off the big reveal of its exciting rebrand for 2020, Core Nutritionals has confirmed one of the first new supplements it plans on releasing in its revamped look. The upcoming item is the intra-workout Core Intra, which is essentially a full-spectrum amino product infused with additional ingredients for fuel and performance support during your training.

Core Intra will be led by a hefty 10g of all nine essential amino acids per serving for recovery, with 7g of the 10g being made up of BCAAs. On top of that, Core Nutritionals has thrown in a quality blend of carbohydrates tipping the scales at 21g, with most of that being Cluster Dextrin at 10g, 6g of dextrose, and 5g d-ribose, providing a balanced 20g of carbs per serve.

core intra

There is also the pump enhancing GlycerSize glycerol in Core Intra at a solid 2g, the performance ingredient beta-alanine at 3.2g, and a blend of electrolytes to support hydration.

Core Nutritionals is actually planning to launch Core Intra in just a few weeks from now exclusively at its retail partner Bullfrog Nutrition, then one week later, the brand will have it at this year’s Arnold Expo in Columbus, Ohio. The carbohydrate and EAA powered intra-workout will debut in two fruity flavors with Strawberry Burst and Orange Dream.