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Icon combines rich dark chocolate and cherry for its newest Protein Popcorn

dark chocolate covered cherry protein popcorn

The well-known Protein Popcorn from the meal prep company Icon Meals has a new flavor today, and it sounds like yet another delicious creation. The company has brought together rich dark chocolate and sweet cherries for its latest flavor of Protein Popcorn, that goes by the very fitting name, Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry.

If you’re not familiar with Icon Meals’ Protein Popcorn, it does pack a good amount of protein. It is also high in carbohydrates that, in turn, give it a relatively high calorie count, although it does make up for that with incredible flavor. The macros on the new flavor are 40g of protein per bag, 160g of carbohydrates, 36g of fat, and 1,088 calories.

As per usual, the best place to go to get your hands on Protein Popcorn is the Icon Meals website over at The new Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Protein Popcorn is in stock there now and will cost you the product’s usual price of $9.99 per bag.

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