The Dough Bar sells 1,000 Protein Cinnamon Rolls in the first two hours

Feb 13th, 2020
the dough bar protein cinnamon roll

On Tuesday, The Dough Bar released its latest prototype product with a high protein cinnamon roll that promises a Cinnabon-like experience. The tasty looking treat features a cinnamon-flavored roll topped with cream cheese icing, providing a solid 16g of protein with 31g of carbohydrates, 10g of fat, and a total of 274 calories.

Like the few prototype products before it, The Dough Bar launched its Protein Cinnamon Roll in an extremely limited amount, so limited in fact, the brand managed to sell out completely in the first day. To give you an idea of how fast The Dough Bar’s fans and followers jumped on the release, it sold 1,000 cinnamon rolls in the first two hours.

While The Dough Bar is currently out of stock of its newest prototype, it has confirmed you will get the chance to grab it again next week, although not individually. The brand is dropping a new collection of clothing, and for every piece you purchase, you’ll get one free Protein Cinnamon Roll, while stocks last.

Based on how quickly The Dough Bar went through its first lot of Protein Cinnamon Rolls, if you are interested in the product, we suggest jumping on the promotion as soon as you can. The clothing and cinnamon roll sale is going live at exactly 11AM Eastern Time next Tuesday, exclusively through the brand’s website,

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