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RAZE reveals the potential names for its Tropical-flavored beverage

island breeze raze energy drink

Just two days following the confirmation of the flavor of its second crowd-sourced energy drink, RAZE is taking votes on what the name of the product should be. For those that missed the flavor announcement, after getting fans to decide between Coffee, Tropical, Tart, and Berry, the fruit-based Tropical came out on top as the most popular.

The team behind the delicious RAZE energy drink has now picked four names, all suggested by fans, that it is getting everyone to vote on to decide the title of its Tropical beverage. Those options are Tropical Splash, Palm Breeze, Baja Lime, and Island Breeze, with our pick being either of the ‘Breeze’ names, as they simply have a bit more of a RAZE feel to them.

RAZE is going to start the second step in its crowd-sourcing process within the next hour or two through its Instagram account. Make sure you head over there at least once today to get involved and help the brand out, and be ready for the next couple of steps in the fan-driven experience, including the decision on the label design of the Tropical RAZE.