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Foodspring expands its extra chocolate Protein Bar with two new flavors

foodspring protein bar extra chocolate

The Protein Bar Extra Chocolate is a high protein snack from the hugely popular functional food and supplement brand Foodspring from Germany. It features four separate layers for a truly delicious experience that is full of flavor, and it is actually made with real chocolate, although it still manages to provide a solid hit of protein and a low amount of sugar.

Foodspring’s Protein Bar Extra Chocolate is in the news today because the German brand has introduced two new tastes for the product. Up until this week, the product had just three to choose from with Crispy Coconut, Crunchy Peanut, and Soft Caramel. The new flavors now on the growing menu are White Chocolate Almond and Double Chocolate Chew.

foodspring protein bar extra chocolate

Both of Foodspring’s Protein Bar Extra Chocolate flavors look just as mouthwatering as its others, and their macros are very much the same, leading with a solid 20g of protein. The White Chocolate Almond features sweet white chocolate, almonds, and salty caramel, with the Double Chocolate Chew, made with fine milk chocolate, cashews, and also caramel.

Foodspring’s fourth and fifth flavors for its tasty and protein-packed Protein Bar Extra Chocolate are now available for purchase through its website. You can grab one at €2.49 or a box of 12 for €24.99, which saves you about 15% per bar.

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