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Upcoming Core ABC flavor inspired by Nutrition Corner’s Carl Frady

fuzzy uncle carl core abc

Core Nutritionals may already have a lot going on with this week’s launch of the new Core Fury, but that is far from all it’s been working on. The brand already confirmed details of a revamped version of the protein powder Core Pro, and also revealed that it’s introducing an all-new intra-workout at the Arnold called Core Intra.

Also, in the works and due to be out and available soon, are a bunch of new flavors for Core Nutritionals’ loaded and long-running amino supplement, Core ABC. There are two more typical flavors with Blueberry Acai and Pink Guava, then something a lot more unique, which is also exclusive with a Fuzzy Uncle Carl Core ABC.

There is, of course, a story behind Core Nutritionals’ Fuzzy Uncle Carl Core ABC, which is that it’s a flavor inspired by Carl Frady, the general manager of the retailer Nutrition Corner. To further communicate that story, the brand has actually put together an illustration of Uncle Carl and slapped it in the flavor callout on the product.

As mentioned, the Fuzzy Uncle Carl Core ABC will indeed be exclusive when it eventually launches, with none other than Carl’s Nutrition Corners set to be the place stocking the flavor.