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Goku Gains goes into retirement with bottles being cleared out for as low as $20

goku gains discontinued

Just over four years ago, Furious Pete launched his first-ever pre-workout supplement for Furious Formulations, and it made a huge amount of noise. The product gained a lot of attention due to its name with ‘Goku Gains’, which was actually a phrase Pete first used on a tee that featured an illustration of the iconic Dragon Ball character, Goku.

The news this month is that Furious Pete and Furious Formulations are discontinuing Goku Gains. The brand is saying farewell to the pre-workout that originally surfaced in the height of the DMHA era, and it is doing so with a sale. To help clear out the supplement, which no longer features DMHA, you can get Goku Gains for as low as half price.

The discounts on offer through the Furious Formulations website start with one bottle of Goku Gains at $24.99 instead of its usual $39.99. You can also get two for $25 each plus a free shaker, and three for $20 each. If you want a particular flavor, you’ll want to get on the deal sooner rather than later, as some are already completely sold out.