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Granite is moving to more portable and environmentally-friendly bags

granite supplement packaging update

John Meadows’ brand Granite Supplements, recently released its first-ever protein powder powered by a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, egg white, grass-fed beef, and casein. Not only was the product a new category for the brand, but it was also a different style of packaging, as it came in a bag instead of a tub, like its many other items.

Granite Supplements has now revealed that the use of a bag for its protein powder was, in fact, the first step in a packaging transition. The brand is planning to eventually move all of its products from traditional tubs to more portable, environmentally-friendly, and easier to access bags, with the blend style protein supplement being the start.

Following on from the launch of its protein powder in December, this week, Granite Supplements has moved the first already available product into a bag with its carbohydrate formula Intra-Carb. That shift has also brought with it another flavor for the supplement in Strawberry Lemonade, with everything formula wise remaining the same.