ATP drops a few main ingredients for its flavored modbiotic Gutright Daily

Feb 12th, 2020
gutright daily

ATP Science has officially launched its all-new Gutright Daily, which is a spin-off of its original gut health, modbiotic supplement Gutright. As promised, alongside that release, the Australian brand has confirmed the difference between the regular Gutright and Gutright Daily, as the latter is similar but not completely the same.

What ATP Science’s Gutright Daily is exactly, is a raspberry-flavored version of the original, with a few ingredients removed from the formula, as well as some added to help with the flavoring. The product still has all of the same goals and intentions as the original featuring a variety of natural polyphenols to support overall gut health.

gutright daily

The main difference is essentially the flavored part, with ATP Science giving fans a much needed flavored version of Gutright. As well put together as the gut health supplement is, the unflavored natural taste of the original is one of the worst we’ve had. It was strong enough to be noticed even in the sweetest of smoothies and protein shakes.

ATP Science’s raspberry-flavored Gutright Daily is now available for purchase through its website, and it won’t cost you anything more than the regular Gutright. The price of a full 30 serving tub of the Daily edition is $69.95 (47.05 USD), so you won’t be paying any extra to enjoy the gut health supplement with some actual flavor finally.

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