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MAN’s unique growth factor formula ProPF3 arrives and sells out in an hour

man sports propf3

The long-awaited return of MAN Sports muscle building supplement Pure PF3 is finally here, with the capsule formula ProPF3. The product comes with 2.5g of bovine serum-derived immunoglobulin per serve, which is packed full of peptide-protein fractions, growth factors, IGF-1, transferrin, and lactoferrin, for a different kind of muscle building experience.

The unique formula behind MAN Sports’ ProPF3 promises an exciting combination of benefits, that essentially create the ideal environment for building muscle. The supplement aims to support gut health by improving microflora composition, increase nutrient uptake, potentially enhance immune function, and as mentioned, provide anabolic growth factors.

Due to the main ingredient in ProPF3 that is the same as the one in the original, the returning MAN Sports muscle builder can be safely used by both men and women. It can also be stacked with any of the brand’s products, including its other muscle builders Nolvadren and Delta XT.

MAN Sports launched ProPF3 directly through its online store earlier today for a much higher price than the original Pure PF3 at $59.99 for a 30 serving bottle. Unfortunately, in the short time since then, the brand has managed to sell through all of its stock, although more is coming with email subscribers due to be notified as soon as it arrives.