New Rosa and Fiesta flavors of Monster Ultra now showing up in stores

Feb 25th, 2020

In January, Monster announced it would be coming out with two delicious new flavors of its zero sugar energy drink, Monster Ultra. Those flavors were the pink-colored Monster Ultra Rosa described as a sweet-sounding combination of raspberry, cranberry, and lemonade, and the teal-themed Monster Ultra Fiesta, which has a mango type taste to it.

The exciting news in this week after getting confirmation of Monster Ultra Rosa and Ultra Fiesta almost two months ago, is that they are finally available for purchase. The energy beverage giant has said they can both now be found in stores across the country, with several Monster fans already picking them up and trying them out.

Monster Ultra is stocked by a lot of different companies ranging from convenience stores through to major supermarkets, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. As mentioned many times before, we are big fans of the energy drink due to its great taste and wide availability, and will certainly be grabbing the new flavors when we come across them.

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