Myprotein introduces the industry’s first authentic superhero supplement

myprotein justice league hero series

While we have seen several authentic Marvel and DC Comics shakers featuring heroes like Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man, we had yet to see an authentic superhero supplement. This week, Myprotein changes all of that as it has partnered with Warner Bros for the special edition Justice League Hero Series.

The first of three products from Myprotein for its Justice League Hero Series is a limited edition version of Impact Whey Protein in a unique tropical and strawberry flavor. The supplement’s packaging features a black and white illustration of five Justice League members in Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aqua Man, and The Flash.

myprotein justice league hero series

As for the formula inside of Myprotein’s Justice League Hero Protein, just like its other Impact Whey Protein flavors, it provides 20g of protein per serving from whey concentrate. The rest of its macros are relatively low with just 1.8g of fat, less than 2g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, and a calorie count of 98.

Alongside the limited edition Impact Whey Protein, Myprotein has put together two other Justice League themed items. There is a stainless steel shaker with the logos of the five superheroes mentioned above, and a tee featuring the same illustration that’s on the packaging of The Justice League Hero Series protein powder.

myprotein justice league hero series

Myprotein’s awesome collaboration with Warner Bros is currently only available in the UK through The Impact Whey Protein comes in two sizes with a 250g bag at £6.99 (9.05 USD) and a 1kg tub at £19.99 (25.88 USD). The tee and the shaker can be purchased individually at £12.99 (16.82 USD) and £8.99 (11.64 USD), respectively.

There is also the Justice League Hero Series Bundle that comes with a 250g bag of the Impact Whey Protein, the stainless steel shaker, and tee for a combined £24.99 (32.35 USD). That bundle is definitely great value, but you will want to jump on it quick as the brand only has 500 of them available.