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Nutrend brings together 22 ingredients for its multivitamin Multicomplex

nutrend multicomplex

The major Czech brand Nutrend who has already been in headlines twice over the past seven days, is back again with an entirely new supplement named ‘Multicomplex’. It is a multivitamin product that features 22 active ingredients, 12 of which are vitamins, six are minerals, and the remaining four are various extracts, all to support general health.

Nutrend’s all-new Multicomplex comes with all of your usual vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, biotin, folic acid, zinc, and iron. As for its not so common ingredients with the four extracts, they are colostrum at 400mg per serving, green tea and alpha-lipoic acid at 100mg each, and lastly, black pepper to help with the absorption of the formula.

Another interesting feature of Nutrend’s Multicomplex is the form in which it comes in. The brand has packed its multivitamin into capsules; however, it has split up its 22 active ingredients into separate pills. All of the vitamins and extracts come in one capsule, and all of the minerals come in another. While they are separate, Nutrend still directs users to take the two pills at the same time.

Nutrend has officially launched Multicomplex in the European market this month, so fans of the brand can probably expect to see the separated vitamin and mineral supplement in all of its usual stores soon, if not already.