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Quamtrax has put together an ongoing protein muffin after 2019’s limited efforts

quamtrax nutrition mini protein muffin

For Halloween last year, the Spanish supplement and functional company Quamtrax Nutrition, put together a packet of chocolate-flavored, high protein muffins. Following that launch, the brand decided to rebrand the product with a non-Halloween look and keep it out and available until the end of the year.

It seems Quamtrax Nutrition must have had quite the reception with its muffin efforts as for 2020, it has introduced the all-new and ongoing Mini Protein Muffin. The brand’s newest snack release comes packaged in boxes of three muffins, all of which are packed with protein and are low in sugar and saturated fat.

Quamtrax Nutrition’s soft and fluffy Mini Protein Muffins come in two tasty flavors, each stuffed with a delicious looking cream filling. There is Qookie Cream, which is a chocolate muffin with a cookies and cream center, then you have Strawberry Cream featuring, of course, a sweet strawberry-flavored filling.

Both of Quamtrax Nutrition’s Mini Protein Muffin flavors are available to order by stores and stockists, so if you see the brand in a retailer but not the muffins, be sure to request the high protein treat.

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