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Quamtrax puts together chocolate flavored protein muffins for Halloween

quamtrax nutrition halloween protein muffins

The European company Quamtrax Nutrition based in Spain, has quite the variety of functional food products on the market. Its lineup includes your usual bars and cookies along with plenty of creative items such as protein macaroni, pizza bases high in protein, and protein custard mix.

This month Quamtrax Nutrition has revealed and released another rather unique functional product themed around Halloween. The special edition item from the Spanish brand is Halloween Protein Muffins. They are baked muffins high in protein, sugar-free, low in fat, and packed full of flavor.

quamtrax nutrition halloween protein muffins

Quamtrax Nutrition’s creative new snack is chocolate flavored and looks to have white chocolate or some sort of white flavor in the middle. We’re not sure about any of the macros of the product or where you can get your hands on them, but the Halloween release comes in bags of seven muffins.

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