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Spitfire Labs releases another pump pre-workout but in powder form

spitfire labs demonox

Spitfire Labs recently introduced Demon Blood, which is a straightforward capsule supplement featuring four ingredients to provide stimulant-free pumps and performance. The busy brand has just dropped another ‘Demon’ named product with ‘Demonox’, and much like Demon Blood, it is stimulant free and built to help enhance muscle pumps.

To separate Demonox from its other stimulant-free pump offering, Spitfire Labs has combined a different set of ingredients compared to Demon Blood. There is, however, some crossover with the brand’s original stimulant pre-workout Demon, as they both feature citrulline malate with 8g in Demonox and 6g in Demon.

While Spitfire Labs has put a rather hefty dose of citrulline malate into Demonox, that’s certainly not all you get to help enhance muscle pumps. Also in the mix is betaine anhydrous at a reasonable 2g, a gram each of agmatine sulfate and taurine, 300mg of sodium chloride, 150mg of pine bark, 100mg of epimedium, and 10mg of vanadyl sulfate.

Demonox has hit the market with two tastes to choose from, and while we are getting used to creative flavor names, Spitfire Labs has definitely taken things up a notch on this one. The two options for the pump pre-workout are Nuclear Winter, which looks like a Bomb Pop-inspired effort, and Unicorn Guts, which looks like rainbow sherbet.

As per usual, the latest product from Spitfire Labs is now available for purchase from the retailer A1 Supplements. Also, like all of the brand’s other items at A1, Demonox comes with a buy one tub, get a second one free deal. With a regular price of $39.99, that means the product is only going to cost you $20 per 20 serving tub.