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Supplement Needs wants to help you unwind and relax with its latest effort

supplement needs pm priming stack

For a brand that we’ve only known about for about a month, we’ve been very impressed with the team at Supplement Needs and just how often it drops new products. The retailer’s own brand has added three supplements to its lineup in the past four weeks, with today bringing yet another product in the form of PM Priming Stack.

The latest Supplement Needs creation is a little more unique and specialized than the ones we’ve seen in the past. PM Priming Stack kind of tells you what it is in its name with a supplement to help you wind down, relax, and de-stress for the evening. Like with all of the store’s products, it, of course, features a loaded mix of ingredients.

Packed into each serving of Supplement Needs PM Priming Stack is 750mg of phosphatidylserine, 200mg of theanine, 600mg of alpha-GPC, and broccoli sprouts extract providing 400mcg of sulforaphane. There is also the branded ingredients Lutemax lutein and zeaxanthin to help with the filtering of blue light and support visual health.

supplement needs pm priming stack label

Supplement Needs has also designed PM Priming Stack for use alongside its nighttime sleep product Sleep Stack, making for a very comprehensive evening experience. While the new release would help you wind down and relax after a long day of whatever you did, Sleep Stack would top it all off and ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

PM Priming Stack is not available for purchase just yet, but as we’ve seen it do in the past, Supplement Needs has made it possible to pre-order the product at £49.99 (64.41 USD) for a 30 serving bottle. It’s actually not really a pre-order as stock of the supplement is arriving tomorrow, so there is not going to be any kind of wait.