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Black On Blackberry G Fuel drink is now available but only for a limited time

black on blackberry g fuel energy drink

The all-new Dr. Disrespect inspired Black On Blackberry flavor of the tasty and high-performance G Fuel energy drink has arrived, and you’re going to want to move fast on this one. The product is now available through the official G Fuel website; however, there is one extremely important detail that we did not know about until today.

The Black On Blackberry G Fuel energy drink, featuring Dr. Disrespect himself right on the can, is in fact a limited-edition product. The brand has only produced a set amount of units of the flavor and it won’t be ongoing like the other four. As of writing this, the release is still in stock in packs of four at $10.99 and a full case of 12 at $31.99.

The reason you’ll want to move fast is that the G Fuel energy drink has proven several times in the past that it can sell out very quickly. When the product first went live, it managed to sell out in an incredible 14 minutes. This time we’re talking about a limited-edition flavor, so you’ll want to grab it sooner rather than later.

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