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Arms Race providing more than just focus with its brain health formula Clarity

arms race nutrition clarity

Following the recent reveal of the formula behind its upcoming hormone support supplement Stabilize, Arms Race Nutrition has dropped the formula for its other new capsule product, Clarity. Arms Race’s Clarity promises to be just as comprehensive as Stabilize, but instead of being built for hormone health, it’s a complete brain health supplement.

The all-new Clarity from Arms Race Nutrition has been formulated to help you relax and keep you calm, improve mental focus and cognition, enhance mood, and support your overall sense of well-being. The brand from Julian Smith, Kenton Engel, and Doug Miller, has of course packed the product with a variety of ingredients to ensure it delivers those benefits.

A full serving of Arms Race Nutrition’s Clarity comes with 600mg of gingko biloba, half a gram of mucuna pruriens, 400mg of bacopa, and 200mg each of theanine and valerian extract. There is also a premium, branded ingredient in the well-rounded supplement with the increasingly popular focus enhancer, Neurofactor, included at a dose of 100mg.

As mentioned and as you can see, Clarity is a comprehensive brain health product providing support for more than just focus like most nootropic type supplements. The team at Arms Race Nutrition is currently hoping to have Clarity as well as Stabilize available for purchase somewhere in the middle of April through its website as well as its retail partner GNC.