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Arms Race reveals the main ingredients powering its hormone health formula

arms race nutrition stabilize

Arms Race Nutrition has finally shared the formula behind one of its two upcoming capsule products, which are Stabilize and Clarity. The item getting the full reveal first is the comprehensive hormone health supplement Stabilize featuring ingredients to support libido, boost testosterone, and help balance your hormones.

There are four main ingredients in Arms Race Nutrition’s Stabilize, each included to support a specific benefit the product aims to provide. The heaviest feature in the supplement is Nutrition21’s patented Lepidamax maca root dosed at 2.1g per three-capsule serving for the libido side of things helping with sex drive and performance.

Next, you have Shoden branded ashwagandha at 120mg, which has been shown to increase energy and recovery as well as boost testosterone. The remaining two ingredients in Arms Race Nutrition’s Stabilize are 1.2g of berberine to support healthy glucose levels and 200mg of the commonly used DIM for balancing your hormones.

As previously confirmed, Stabilize as well as Arms Race Nutrition’s equally comprehensive brain health supplement Clarity, are going to be available for purchase sometime next month. Fans of the brand from Julian Smith, Doug Miller, and Kenton Engel, will be able to grab the products from Arms Race’s website and its retail partner GNC.