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Barebells teases what looks to be Honey Melon as this year’s Summer Milkshake

honey melon barebells milkshake

Fresh off its weekend announcement of a new Peanut Butter flavor for its creamy center Core Protein Bar, Barebells has started teasing another product that’s coming soon to stores. On top of the fifth overall flavor for its Core Bar, which is due to hit shelves next month, the functional brand has another flavor for its delicious Milkshake protein RTD.

As it did before revealing the Peanut Butter Core Protein Bar, currently, Barebells is only teasing what will be its tenth taste for its protein-packed Milkshake. Fortunately, the brand’s teaser does give you a glimpse of the name of the upcoming product, and by the looks of things, fans are in for a relatively unique Honey Melon Barebells Milkshake.

While Honey Melon may not sound like your traditional flavor for an on-the-go protein shake, it’s not all that surprising coming from Barebells. The brand’s Milkshake menu already includes somewhat different fruit type tastes with the likes of Peach Passion, Forest Fruit, and Creamy Pear, so a Honey Melon Milkshake would not be out of place.

Regardless of whether we’re reading things right, and a Honey Melon Milkshake is on the way or not; whatever the product is, it’s not expected to be around forever. Barebells has confirmed the item will be a limited, summer edition release, much like Peach Passion and Creamy Pear originally were, although they eventually became permanent, which could certainly happen to this one.

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