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One-month-old Minty Chocolate flavor of Barebells’ softer protein bar arrives in the US

Barebells Usa Lands Minty Chocolate Soft Protein Bar

Grab Barebells always-on-point protein bars for as low as $1.69 each during its Black Friday sale

Barebells Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023 Sale

Barebells brings the fun of a protein snack filled advent calendar to the US

Barebells Advent Calendar

Barebells brings its delicious mix of chocolate, caramel and banana to the US market

Banana Caramel Barebells Soft Protein Bar In The Us

Barebells matches mint and rich chocolate once again but for its Soft Protein Bar

Minty Chocolate Barebells Soft Protein Bar

Number-one-rated Barebells Protein Bar hits shelves at Walmart in an exclusive box of four

Barebells Protein Bar At Walmart

Barebells blends chocolate and hazelnut in another flavor specifically for its US fans

Choco Hazelnut Barebells Protein Bar

Barebells puts a balanced nutrition profile in its second beverage and reinforces it with vitamins

Barebells Fast Food

Soft Protein Bar continues to get Barebells flavor extension attention taste number six

Barebells Coco Choco Soft Protein Bar

Barebells’ growing US fanbase gets another limited exclusive in a Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Peanut Butter Barebells Protein Bar

Barebells brings its more candy bar-like Soft Protein Bar to the US in two flavors

Barebells Soft Protein Bar Comes To America

Number-one-rated Barebells breaks into 7-Eleven locations across the country

Barebells In 7 Eleven Stores