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Creatine-based cMAX10 from Betancourt also includes EAAs and a carb blend

betancourt nutrition cmax10

cMAX10 is an all-new supplement from the legacy brand Betancourt Nutrition, which is a complex, creatine-based product for use during and after your workout. While creatine is one of the main features of the supplement, as mentioned, that is just its base, as there are lot more ingredients in this one outside of the creatine.

Betancourt Nutrition’s cMAX10 comes with a combined 5g of creatine per serving for strength and power, with that 5g made up of a blend of the tried and true creatine monohydrate and di-creatine malate. On top of that, the brand has included a carbohydrate blend of dextrose, Palatinose, Carb10, and HBCD, providing 26g of carbs per serving.

betancourt nutrition cmax10

To round out the intra and post-workout formula of cMAX10, Betancourt has thrown in a variety of amino acids to support muscle recovery and repair. There is a combined 3.53g of all nine essential amino acids in each serving of the product, as well as the six conditionally essential amino acids or CEAAs, at a slightly lighter combined amount of 2.55g.

Over at the Vitamin Shoppe, where Betancourt Nutrition’s new cMAX10 is now available, the supplement will cost you $49.99 for a 20 serving tub in either Grape Slushie or Watermelon Slushie flavors. The retailer is however, discounting cMAX10 right now if you buy two tubs, as you’ll get the second at half price, which works out to $37.49 each.