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Black Market introduces its new recovery focused brand Guerrilla

black market recovery brand guerrilla

The team behind the original underground supplement company Black Market, is coming out with an all-new spin-off brand for a separate area of the industry. While Black Market’s line of products is pre-workout specific with weight loss, muscle building, and endurance-type solutions, its new brand ‘Guerrilla’, will be all about recovery.

The first supplement from Black Market’s Guerrilla brand is going to be a full-spectrum EAA formula to support muscle recovery and repair. There will eventually be more than just one product in the newcomer’s lineup, as it has plans to expand similar to Black Market by introducing different recovery supplements for various consumer needs.

Guerrilla and its first product backed by an EAA powered formula, are going to be available sometime soon, with no concrete launch date or release timeframe set just yet.