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Body Attack’s Low Carb Protein Shake gets its first not-so-traditional flavor

body attack chocolate caramel low carb protein shake

The popular German brand Body Attack has expanded the menu of its on-the-go protein RTD, ‘Low Carb Protein Shake’, with a new chocolate-themed flavor. The product itself is made with a very short list of ingredients, including skim milk as well as milk protein, giving it a protein-heavy nutrition profile with 50g of protein per shake.

Body Attack’s newest Low Carb Protein Shake flavor is actually its first not-so-traditional option with its previous lineup of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry joined by Chocolate Caramel. The product packs the same 50g of protein per shake alongside 18g of carbohydrates, with all of that sugar, just 2g of fat, and a total of 290 calories.

You can grab Body Attack’s new Chocolate Caramel Low Carb Protein Shake starting this week at €2.99 per shake or €2.49 each when buying a case of 12.

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