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Easter-themed Protein Marzipan spin-off returns two weeks out from Easter

bodylab easter marzipan

Along with its high-protein, chocolate egg, Denmark’s Bodylab has also brought back a special edition protein bar for Easter in 2020. The product making a return for the occasion is Easter Marzipan, an Easter-themed version of the brand’s Protein Marzipan, which is a protein bar with a soft and smooth consistency, just like traditional marzipan.

From what we understand, the taste, ingredients, and macros of Bodylab’s Easter Marzipan, are identical to that of the regular version, with the Easter edition wrapper being the difference. It still promises a dark and crisp chocolate outer layer with a classic, soft marzipan center, providing 7g of protein, only 1.1g of sugar, and a total of 209 calories.

Bodylab’s Easter Marzipan isn’t as lean as your typical protein bar with a lot less protein and the same calories, although it is a great alternative to a sugar-loaded Easter treat. You can pick up the returning product for a limited time through the Danish brand’s website for less than the regular Protein Marzipan at 149DKK (22.00 USD) for a box of 12 bars.