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Next version of Cannibal Genius will have a hefty eight capsule serving size

chaos and pain new cannibal genius

Cannibal Genius was one of the first focus supplements that stood out in terms of effectiveness before the category became as competitive as it is today. Chaos and Pain’s original Cannibal Genius was an experience to remember, so every time the brand announces or teases an update for the product, which is over six years old, we can’t help but be excited.

This week, Chaos and Pain has confirmed that it is once again updating its long-running focus supplement Cannibal Genius, with a reformulated version due to drop within the next week or so. We don’t have the full formula behind the product to share just yet, but you can get a good glimpse at the latest evolution of Cannibal Genius in the image above.

What we can gather from Chaos and Pain’s preview of its 2020 Cannibal Genius is that it is going to have a relatively large serving size at eight capsules. While that doesn’t guarantee the formula will be loaded and well-dosed, it certainly suggests that’ll be the case, as an eight-capsule serving is plenty of room for a lot of quality ingredients and dosages.

Once again, Chaos and Pain is looking to launch its newest Cannibal Genius within the next couple of weeks, so definitely stay tuned if you’re a fan of the brand or just nootropic supplements in general.